A partnership between the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Questions About the Chamber Blue of Kansas Health Plan

Q: Does the member business have to participate in the interest survey in August to be able to enroll in October?

A: Those who answer the survey is what determines the premium rates for the first year.


Q: What is the advantage for a business to be part of the initial enrollment?

A: Businesses that are in the initial offering will have stable rates with a larger pool of participants. The uniform rate for the group will be based on average risk rather than rating each member individually.


Q: How many employees does the business need to be eligible for the plan?

A: The business must have at least two (2) W2 employees to qualify.


Q: Will a limited liability company (LLC) be eligible for this program?

A: They could be eligible in some circumstances depending on how their LLC is setup, i.e., S-Corp. Determination will be made by BCBS.


Q: What percentage of the premium does the employer have to pay of the employee’s premium?

A; The employer must pay 25% of the lowest cost option.


Q: Is a “contract’ per person or per business member?

A: A contract is an employee who has elected coverage.


Q: If the chamber and other member businesses are already enrolled in BCBS, can they move the plan into Chamber Blue of Kansas?

A: Yes.


Q: Is this a health plan for small businesses only?

A: This is a large group health plan. There is no limit on the number of employees if the business has at least two (2) W2 employees.

A: If the employer has less than two employees, a BCBS representative will contact the company to determine eligibility.


Q: Can my local insurance broker sell this program to our chamber members?

A: This program was not designed for brokers and can only be sold by BCBS.  There are 16 BCBS reps in Kansas who will help your get information to your members.


Q: Who completes the interest survey?

A: The employer will complete the survey answering questions about current insurance, number of employees, and census information if not in current BCBS plan.


Q: What questions are on the interest survey?

A: Only one person from each company will complete the survey.  The questions that will be asked are how many employees, do you offer health insurance, what insurance do you currently have, etc.  If the company doesn’t have BCBS, they will answer questions on the census survey that will include the member name, gender, date of birth, zip code of each person to be covered under the plan.  


Q: Can a business enroll next year?

A: A chamber member business can enroll after the initial enrollment period. The business requesting entrance will be underwritten and will be denied if they exceed the risk threshold as determined by CCEKS and BCBSKS.  The start date for coverage would always fall on the 1st of the given month then the business would renew each year thereafter with the association on January 1st.