A partnership between the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Questions About Chamber Blue of Kansas Health Plan

Q: Is this a health plan for small businesses only?

A: Yes.  The plan is changing in 2024 to be limited to groups of 50 or less.  Those groups that are over 50 employees and are currently enrolled in Chamber Blue, will be grandfathered in for 2024.

A: If the group has less than two employees, a BCBS representative will contact the company to determine eligibility.


Q: What is the underwriting process for the 2024 plan?

A: For the 2024 enrollment, those groups not currently enrolled will go through an underwriting process.  BCBSKS will review the risk of the groups.  If the risk of the group is within 10% of the the risk of the association, they will be accepted.  If the risk is higher, they will be denied.


Q: How many employees does the business need to be eligible for the plan?

A: The business must have at least two (2) W2 employees to qualify.


Q: Will a limited liability company (LLC) be eligible for this program?

A: They could be eligible in some circumstances depending on how their LLC is setup, i.e., S-Corp. Determination will be made by BCBSKS.


Q: What percentage of the premium does the employer have to pay of the employee’s premium?

A; The employer must pay 25% of the lowest cost option.


Q: Is a “contract’ per person or per business member?

A: A contract is an employee who has elected coverage.

A: A group is the business.


Q: If the chamber and other member businesses are already enrolled in BCBS, can they move the plan into Chamber Blue of Kansas?

A: Yes.


Q: How will the plan be rated in 2024?

A: Renewals will be age banded (5-year age bands) based on the average age of the group.  The rates will still be composite, like the rates in 2023.


Q:Can my local insurance broker sell this program to our chamber members?

A: This program was not designed for brokers and can only be sold by BCBSKS.  There are 16 BCBSKS reps in Kansas who will help your get information to your members.