CCEKS offers several exciting educational programs, personal and professional opportunities, and networking events throughout the year, including:

Chamber Blue Group Health Plan

CCEKS has partnered with BCBS of Kansas to implement a group health plan to the chambers in the state of Kansas to offer to their members.  Marketing to business members has begun in January 2022 with an expected enrollment in the fall of 2022.  For more information about the program CLICK HERE.

CCEKS Fall Conference
The CCEKS Fall Conference is the premier training and professional development event for chamber professionals in Kansas.  Held each fall, this event provides the training and resource needed to develop your chamber career.  Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities offer deeper insight into operational issues, board and volunteer development, leadership, activities, and best practices.

MAKO Conference
Each spring, regional chamber executives from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma come together for one vision at the annual MAKO Conference.  MAKO, which was created in 2011 by chamber executives from the four states, brings together more than 250 attendees and vendors and features some of the industry’s best presenters and breakout sessions.

Board Orientation
The CCEKS Board is developing a board orientation for your volunteer leaders that will be held at various locations around the state.


CCEKS membership offers:

  • Scholarships awarded for registrations to Fall Conference, MAKO, and U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management
  • Member discounts on registration to all CCEKS events including the Fall Conference and MAKO
  • Career Opportunities from your chamber posted on our website, social media, and emailed to all members
  • Executive Mentoring and Peer Network provided by members for valuable guidance and sharing of ideas with each other to continually improve their organization and grow their local economy
  • Access to “best practices” as shared by the best chamber executives from small, medium, and large chambers throughout the state
  • Professional development opportunities for all levels of staff and volunteer leaders of your Board of Directors
  • Newsletters and e-communication through social media and the CCEKS website
  • Resources and industry information on CCEKS website
  • Technical assistance, consultation, and training to local chambers on organizational and operational matters, revenue and event development, board relations and staffing
  • Member listing on CCEKS website linked to your chamber
  • Professional association management with over 27 years in the Chamber of Commerce profession

Who is Eligible for Membership in CCEKS?

A Chamber of Commerce, trade, professional, or commercial organization in Kansas is eligible for member­ship.  All staff is considered the member and will receive all benefits.

Members of business and community organization, or those person directly interested in or allied with Chamber of Commerce work in Kansas, can also join the association as an Associate member.  An Associate member is a non-voting member and is not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.  As an associate member, your business is provided a listing of CCEKS member contact information, listed on the website with link to your company’s website and considered a “preferred” business to our members for referrals.

Cost of Membership

Volunteer lead Chamber (no staff)                                                  $50
Chamber with membership dues $20,000 or less                        $75
Chamber with membership dues $20,001 to $100,000              $150
Chamber with membership dues $100,000 to $200,000            $250
Chamber with membership dues over $200,000                         $350
Associate Membership:                                                                       $75