Leadercast provides, among much other content, the world’s largest one-day leadership event, Leadership Live, featuring nine top-flight speakers.
Leadership Live is broadcast to several hundred locations in a total of 13 countries. It comes out in May of each year – May 10 in 2019 – although the organizations working with Leadercast can “flex-cast” the individual speakers on different days, or indeed move the entire experience onto any day after May 10.
A second, fast-growing event is Leadercast Women, which will occur on October 18, 2019. It’s of course focused on women in leadership or aspiring to become leaders.
There is much more Leadercast content that chambers can distribute, including programs that viewers can use for renewing their professional certification in such fields as HR and nursing.
There is significant revenue potential for chambers of commerce. Here is how the math can work. For an audience with 100 attendees of Leadership Live, the host organization (say, a chamber of commerce) pays Leadercast a fee of $55 per attendee for the all-day event. The average price to the viewer (usually at a company, but members of the public also can participate) is $110. That means the host organization makes a gross profit of $55 per viewer ($110 price minus the $55 paid to Leadercast). That comes to $5,500. Even after paying for attendees’ lunch, the chamber makes a nice margin, especially if it has a local sponsor or sponsors.
All this happens without any expense of staff time in recruiting speakers, etc. Some chambers call it an “event in a box.” Speaking of chambers, here is a video of chamber executives who are already partnering with Leadercast.
Click Here for a complete presentation on benefits of Leadership.  Click Here to see the 2019 recap video. 
For more information contact Michael Donovan with Leadercast or Ruth Littlefield.   You can find information on their website.