A partnership between the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

About the Program

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) and the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas (CCEKS) have partnered with its members, chambers of commerce in the state of Kansas, the opportunity to offer their community businesses access to health insurance savings associated with large group medical coverage.

Chamber Blue of Kansas is an association health plan (AHP) that allows for employers to join together to purchase insurance. The larger pool of people enrolled in the plan allows the possibilities for more plan options, and potentially, lower cost.

The plan is open to employers who have two or more employees and are current, dues-paying members of an eligible chamber in the state and the chamber is a member of CCEKS.

Chamber Blue of Kansas offers employers the ability to attract and retain top talent by increasing access and buying power of more than a single business alone. Employers and their most valued asset – their employees – will receive access to:

  • A dedicated account management team with one-on-one support
  • More choice in plan options
  • Stability of rates with a larger pool of participants
  • A uniform rate for the group based on average risk rather than rating each member individually
  • Dental, life, disability and ancillary coverage offerings will be available to complete your benefit package

A list of participating chambers can be found HERE.  If your chamber is not listed and is interested in participating, please CLICK HERE.

Eligibility Requirements

What’s in it for the Chamber?

  • Added chamber benefit and fulfilling members needs
  • Increased new memberships and retention of existing members
  • Non-dues revenue to your chamber paid on each contract (employee), per month.  

The Chamber of Commerce’s Role

  • Chamber must be a member in good standing with CCEKS
  • Chamber agrees to sign a MOU to grow the program through continuous marketing to their members in their community
  • Chamber agrees to be exclusive in only offering Chamber Blue of Kansas to their members
  • Administration done by CCEKS and BCBS of KS
  • Protected geographical territory by city limits or to distance of nearest enrolled chamber (determination by CCEKS and the Chamber)
  • Non-dues revenue to the chamber paid quarterly based on per contract, per month
  • Quarterly participant reporting to Chambers
  • Group health plan is sold direct from BCBS of KS – not a broker program

The Business Member/Employer

  • Employer must be a member in good standing with the Chamber
  • Employer must have at least two (2) W2 employees to qualify
  • Employer MUST participate in the interest survey (August 2022) to be eligible for January 1, 2023 enrollment
  • Employer to pay at least 25% of the lowest cost option plan offered
  • Employer must have 70% of eligible employees enroll in group health plan (employees working 30 hours+ per week less those who have group coverage elsewhere x 70%)
  • Limited liability companies could qualify based on tax classification – determination by BCBS KS
  • If the group drops out of plan, they cannot re-enroll for 2 years.